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25+Inspection Procures for Battery Pack (ensure you a high quallity)

Factory-direct Price

Different brands of cells for your optional (to meet your target market)

Thorough Custom Services

PCM/BMS designer&manufacture (bring you Customized Design)

Professional Solution Provide

Built-in BMS with self-developed design(sorts of solutions for your optional)

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We provide different specifications and a variety of customized monitoring functions of lithium batteries to meet various applications

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Customize Your Battery Pack Step by Step

The total battery pack solutions could be customized according to your specific applications which will bring you the best solution to meet your market

  •  Single Cell
  • BMS
  • Battery Wires
  • Battery Connectors
  • Battery Cover
  • Battery Appearance 
 Single Cell

How to choose the right battery cell?

Lithium batteries will be made of single cells which will be connected in series and in parallel.

We will have an in-depth conversation about your ideas and needs so that the right batteres could be provided to fit your applications perfectly.

Before providing you the prototype samples , we need to confirm the following points –

  • Which kind of applications your battery will be used in?
  • What’s the battery functions do you need?
  • Is there any limited space for the battery pack?
  • Which battery type do you want? Li-ion/NMC? or LiFePO4?

How to choose the right PCM/ BMS?

PCM/BMS is the key part to protect Lithium batteries.

we normally have three types of BMS for your option-

  1. standard PCM/BMS with basic protections (including the battery protections of over charge / over discharge/ over temp/ cell balancing/short circuit module, etc. )
  2. smart BMS with basic protections & intelligent battery monitoring ( To read the battery states on PC
  3. smart BMS with basic protections & intelligent battery monitoring & bluetooth monitoring (To read the battery states on Mobile APP)
Battery Wires

How to choose the battery wires?

The battery wires will be connected with your device, so before assembly

the battery pack, pls just confirm the point-

  • how much of the length do you need?
  • what color of battery wires do you want?
  • any special requirement for the battery wires?
Battery Connectors

How to choose the battery connector?

The connector will be get in connection with your device which must be matched to your device connector. For example, the popular connectors we often used for lithium batteries shall be like this-

 stripped with soldering ( don’t need connector)

● JST connector

● Molex connector

● XT connector

Battery Cover

How to choose the battery shell?

The battery cover depends on the total capacity of battery pack and its limited size of devices. There are normally three kinds of battery cover popular used in the market-

  • surrounded by PVC shirnked packing ( don’t need a battery case)
  • in a plastic case (with waterproof IP65)
  • in a Iron case (with waterproof IP65)

All above ones can be cuztomized based on your battery dimension to fit your applications.

Battery Appearance 

Do you need a Custom made Label for local market promotion?

The battery pack can be delivery out with your custom label or color box which will be helpful for your market promotion.

  • Custom label: You just show us the label what you want ,we will design
  • Color box: You just show us the box what you like, we will design

usually the factory will delivery out the goods with a simple “Carton Box”

in order to save the cost. Color box can be also made Custom Design

and put inside of the carton box which can be made shelf sale directly.

Experience the Advantange of SmarTEC Batteries

The Direct Manufacture of BMS & Lithium Batteries Solutions to Bring You a Competitive Price and High Performance

1/ 3 / 5 Years Warranty

select the one what you want

based on your target market

OEM Service

customized your logo on the battery case

Grade A Battery Cells

bring you a longer battery life

deep cycles

Standard Battery Solutions

ensure you the basic protections

and cost-effective price

Smart Battery Solutions

offer you the intelligent protections with

battery status monitoring from our

friendly mobile APP via Bluetooth

Advanced BMS

batteries designed with our self-owned brand BMS” SmarTEC” to achieve a better performance as ” one-stop” solution

3 Steps to Get Your Battery Solution

Just inform us the details what you need. The Lithium ion Battieres could be desinged based on your limited dimension and specific applications.

Our service knows few boundaries, not only eliminating unreasonable aspects of your product design but also providing you with laboratory product parameters as a quality reference. .

 Step 1
Demand Listening

Our free pre-customisation consultation includes cost control, parameters and raw material selection. Our experts will listen carefully to your needs and provide you with a comprehensive customised solution.

Step 2
Solution Delivery

Firstly, we provide quotations and solutions for discussion, as well as datasheets and drawings for final confirmation. Rapid prototyping for quality control is available

Step 3

Mass production

Modern production lines not only enable fast production, but also increase product precision and reduce errors.

Multi-certifications for Turst

Smartec maintains a full set of battery certifications to show you safety and reliability. They are issued by globally-known labs proving our authentic quality.

Seamless Procedure For Premium Products

Our factory has achieved semi-automated production lines and passed ISO9001 quality system certification, and has a strict quality control team to ensure the stability of the products.

We Make Truly Reliable Battery Pack

take Grade A battery cells (famous brands of china)

8,000 m² self-owned plant

18 advanced production llines

25+ inspection procedures

10+ quality inspector

Self-owned BMS Quality Control to Ensure a Best Performance for Battery Pack Solutions

Take high quality components, such as TI IC, MosFET, etc.

Full inspection from material to packaging

High-standard testing procedures

Third-party inspection supportive

Factory Scale in Numbers

Take a look at our factory capacity that stays as your strong manufacturing backing.


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Stable Daily Output

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Specialized Staff

Professional team to provide you with uncompromising service

We are capable of meeting your individual needs. Our lithium batteries are less restrictive in terms of customisation and come with a hassle-free after-sales guarantee.

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Brands Working with Us Closely


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