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12V 30AH LiFePO4 battery Project in Frence

SmarTEC announced that it has successfully supplied a 12.8V 30Ah LiFePO4 battery to the solar installer in France.

12V 30A

What are the benefits of SmarTEC’s lifepo4 battery?

-1. Superior Safety and Reliability: Utilizing top brand cells such as CATL, BYD, GOTION, and EVE-Cells.

-2. Cycle Times: Offering a high number of charge-discharge cycles, specifically more than 3000-4000 times.

-3. Long Lifespan: Backed by a 3-year warranty with a design life of 5+ years.

-4. Intelligent BMS System: Equipped with an intelligent Battery Management System to optimize performance.

-5. Cell Balancing: Built-in 1.2A cell equalizer for efficient and quick balancing of all cells.

-6. Max Discharge Current: Supporting a maximum discharge current of up to 30A, making it compatible with solar systems.

-7. Standby Self-Consumption: Demonstrating excellent standby self-consumption, as low as 4mA.

-8. High Density and Compact Design: High energy density, small in size, and lightweight.

-9. All-Around Protection: Providing comprehensive protection features for safe and reliable operation.

-10. Unattended Operation: Designed for unattended operation, ensuring user convenience.

-11. Optional Display and Communication: Optional features include an LCD or various communication interfaces (CAN/RS485/RS232).


Project Overview:

   >location: France

   >Application: Solar energy street lamp

   >battery Type: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery

   >capacity: 12v 30ah

   >LiFePO4 Battery Quantity: 100pcs

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