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Rechargeable Lithium Batteries For RV / Campers

(12V LiFePO4 Batteries)

Solutions For RV Batteries / Caravan Camping Batteries

For RV/ Caravan camping/ Campers/motor homes, there are normally two types of batteries used in this field-” Lead-acid batteries” and “Lithium batteries”. but as we know, lithium batteries are the trend in the world. In these applications, the two main varieties are deep cycle batteries and starter batteries which are useful for different purposes.

  • Type 1: as a ” deep cycle battery” (some lithium batteries are designed to be fully discharged before receiving a new charge which is regarded as “deep cycle”. This battery pack can provide power throughout a long camping trip and enter a state of deep discharge which won’t be damaged. that’s why deep cycle RV batteries are commonly used in all types of carvan camping/campers/motorhomes. )
  • Type 2: as a ” starter battery” ( some batteries are intended to provide a large surge power which will be operated as a starter which normally works for the engine electrical system in campers/motorhomes/caravans camping.)

Therefore, most campers or motorhomes have a starter battery for the engine and two or more deep cycle batteries to power the various load equipment (lighting, TV, other electronics ) in the RV.

light weight to
ensure a fast speed
deep cycles 1500-2000
battery life 5-8 years
popular items
12V 100AH/200AH/300AH
Fast charging
and ensure a long trip

High Performance of Lithium-ion Batteries in RV/Campers/Motorhomes

SmarTEC’s lithium battery packs are designed to perform outstandingly at charging/discharging / over current / over temperature protection

by providing a total solution and adaptation to different RV/Campers/motorhomes/caravan camping.

For example: deep cycle lithium batteires12V 100AH

Required Functions:

over charge protection, over discharge protection, over current protection , cell balancing, with bluetooth or not

Features: To read the battery status on mobile APP

nominal voltage and capacity: 12.8V 100AH (12V 100AH)

single cells: prismatic cells 50AH or 100AH

built-in BMS: with bluetooth or not

assembly type: 4S1P or 4S2P

charging voltage: 14V-14.6V

max. continuous discharging current: 50A or 100A

charging temmperature: 0-55℃

discharging temperature: -20- 55 ℃

storage temperature: -20-45℃

battery case: in a plastic case

battery color: black

battery dimension: customized based on your space of campers

Need Help Finding The Right Deep Cycle Batteries For Your Applications?