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Highest Quality At Each Stage

Quality first is the core philosophy of SmarTEC. We firmly believe that the most solid way to achieve long-term cooperation is through no-compromise quality control.

Incoming Material Inspection

Ensuring good appearance, correct dimensions and assembly alignment.

Battery Cell Inspection and Pairing

Classify the single cells for good matching by using cell sorting equipment.

Semi-finished Batteries Inspection

Check the voltage, internal resistance, capacity, over charge, balancing function and insulation values of the battery packs.

Semi-finished Products Aging Test

Do a complete charge-discharge cycle, check the performance of the battery pack, spot welding of the cells and protection plates, and assembly for problems..

Appearance Inspection

Make sure there are no scratches on the surface of the housing.

Total Inspection Before Shipment

Make sure the parameters are accurate and the insulation performance is up to standard.

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