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We Provide More Than Quality Products

SmarTEC is a high-tech company specializing in R&D, production and sales of BMS (Battery manage system) and lithium batteries since 2007. After years of accumulation and development, it has entered the supply chain system of famous brand manufacturers at home and abroad. Not only has the high-quality domestic and international terminal customer resources, but also has the professional R&D team, rich production experience, advanced production technology, mature management system to ensure that the company to provide users with high quality, safe, convenient, clean green products.The persistence of the industry, the accumulation of talents and good teamwork have laid a good foundation for the company’s open innovation and sustainable development.

Company Value & Insight

Born to be a responsible and reliable global manufacturer, SmarTEC is directed by our in-depth understanding and vision of the industry.

Quality Raises Brands

At last, it’s quality that defines a brand. We take it as our first priority committed to your highest interests.

Service Eases Clients

We not only deliver quality products but also carefree service and support enabling a big peace of mind for you.

Trust Makes Sustainability

Integrity and respect remain our mindset in cooperation aiming for a sustainable and win-win partnership.

About Our Factory

Our factory is located in the famous world factory city – Dongguan.Factory area of more than 8000 square meters, equipped with domestic and foreign major brand equipment, the realization of semi-automatic production line, and passed the ISO9001 quality system.

Now Smartec has already became a professional supplier of one-stop solutions in the storage area based on the following solutions:

1. All-in-one energy storage system ( ESS) / All-in-one off-grid power system

(integrated solution with solar charge inverter+ MPPT controller+ lithium storage batteries)

2. Lithium storage batteries (Lifepo4)

Factory Scale in Numbers

Take a look at our factory capacity that stays as your strong manufacturing backing.


5S Modern Plant Area


Production Lines

0 pcs

Stable Daily Output

0 +

Specialized Staff

Direct Manufacturer

of Lithiumion Batteries/

LiFePO4 Batteries / Li-ion/NMC Batteries

As a direct manufacturer,SmarTEC have a standard product progress, famous machine, strict QC team.

  1. Cell detection/pairing
  2. Cell combination
  3. Single cell welding to battery pack
  4. PCM/BMS& output wires welded to the battery
  5. Semi-products Inspection
  6. Aging detection
  7. Finshed Products Inspection
  8. Case cementing

Below is our battery pack progress, we belive that every detail is a factor of success.

Direct Manufacture of

Lithium ion Battery Management System (BMS)/ Battery Protection Module (PCM)

Suitable BMS is important for the lithium battery, if not, your lithium battery will be unsafe and unstable.

BMS main function is effective monitoring, protection, energy balance and fault warning are carried out on the battery pack, thus improving the working efficiency and service life of the whole lithium battery.




BMS R&D supervisor




Battery technical supervisor


Head of PMC

Meet Our Team

  • More than 15 years experience
  • Professional knowledge and skills
  • Patient and friendly communication
  • 24H fast response service

Meet Our Team

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Sales office

R&D office

Worker Team

Quality control Team

Warehouse Dept

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