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SmarTEC Distributed Energy Storage System

SmarTEC has unveiled its latest innovation, the All-in-One Solar Storage System. This ground-breaking product combines the latest inverter technology with the exceptional performance of SmarTEC batteries to provide a comprehensive and efficient solution for storing solar energy.


Integrated hybrid solar inverter and lithium-ion battery module

– Self-consumption and feedback to the grid

– Programmable power priority for PV, battery, or grid

– User-adjustable battery charge current

– Programmable multiple operating modes: Grid Tie, Off-Grid and Grid Tie with Backup

– Built-in timer for different on/off modes

– Monitoring software for real-time status display and control

– Scalable Lithium battery expansion


Known for their superior energy storage capabilities, SmarTEC batteries are an integral part of this groundbreaking system. These high-quality SmarTEC batteries capture and store excess solar energy generated during the day, allowing homeowners and businesses to use this stored energy in the evening or during times of peak electricity demand. With SmarTEC’s advanced battery technology, the All-in-One Solar Storage System provides reliable power, reduced reliance on the grid, and significant cost savings.



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