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SmarTEC Lithium Battery DIY 18650 Battery Holder

We are excited to announce a groundbreaking enhancement to our SmarTEC Lithium battery holder lineup – the “DIY 18650 Battery Holder”.

1) Build-in Protection Circuit Module:

This Battery holder is uniquely designed with a modern built-in protection circuit module. This innovative feature ensures the safety of the Li-ion battery pack, providing overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, current protection, and short circuit protection.

2)Plug & Play Installation

The ease of use is commendable. Users can simply put the battery cells into the holder and then use them.

3) Versatile Applications

The 18650 Battery Holder’s ability to connect to any plug enhances its flexibility, making it convenient for a variety of customized applications. For instance, it can be utilized in e-book readers, laptop and touchpad computers, PLC and industrial controls, electronic cigarettes, and mobile electronics.


Congratulations on this groundbreaking enhancement! It certainly seems like it will provide users with a safer, more convenient, and versatile battery DIY solution. If you have any more details to share or need assistance with anything else, please feel free to ask!


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