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SmarTEC ZeroEmission Mediterranean Renewable Energy Resource in October

It’s a really busy month in October, the SmarTEC team is attending ZeroEmission Mediterranean Renewable Energy Resources in Italy and visiting many customers around Europe.展会拼图3

ZeroEmission Mediterranean Renewable Energy Resources started on October 10th. It attracted a large number of local European visitors eager to explore advanced renewable energy solutions. SmarTEC exhibited at the expo with its range of lifepo4 batteries and battery management systems for home energy storage systems, golf carts, RV campers, and marine covering 12V to 48V lifepo4 lithium batteries, power wall batteries, rack-mounted batteries, and all-in-one off-grid power energy system, etc. With the quality and design of our products, the SmarTEC team received many potential visitors.


Exhibited products:

–51.2V 100ah/200ah/300ah Power Wall Battery, 12.8V/25.6V 100ah Lifepo4 Battery, 48V 100ah Rack-mounted Battery

— 10 KW All-in-one Off-grid Power System: Solar Charger Inverter+MPPT Controller+Lithium Battery

— Intelligent Battery Management System


With the mission of “bringing you a safe, green, intelligent life”, SmarTEC will provide more and more green renewable energy solutions for customers. Our battery will be increasingly popular in the world market and contribute to the development of environmentally friendly energy in the world.

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