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Stacked Mounted Off-grid Power System

Stacked Mounted Off-grid Power System

SmarTEC, a leading provider of smart and eco-friendly energy solutions, has launched its new product, the Stacked Mounted Off-grid Power System. SMKT-ESS all-in-one energy storage solution supports 5KW output for different load appliances. It’s based on the original cabinet design, stacked with solar energy storage lithium battery, 5kwh and 10kwh, 20kwh, and built-in battery protection system, fully retaining the use of load power in applications of residential, school, commercial, and public utility areas. The system is ideal for RVs, campers, outbuildings, and remote locations that require reliable and clean power.Stacked Mounted Off-grid power system




  • LCD Display Control Unit Parallel Port
  • 5000W pure sine wave inverter
  • 20 kWh energy storage
  • 4000+ charge cycle
  • 24/7 USB plug &play use



  • 第4页-38Features higher capacities for greater compatibility with more power-hungry devices, and the latest in USB-C Power Delivery capable of charging larger USB devices like laptops.


  • 第4页-39Includes pre-installed solar charging optimization module that functions as amaximum power point tracker (MPPT), resulting in up to 40% faster charge times.


  • 第9页-52Batteries status display of multiple batteries in parallel, by individual and summery.


  • 第4页-37Built in Multi safety protection that include short circuit, overload andover-temperture and error code reporting.

SmarTEC’s R&D team has developed the latest off-grid power system( SMTK-ESS 20KW) specifically for the market needs, hoping could bring convenience to customers in need and save the high cost of polluting mains electricity.


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