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World Battery Industry Expo 2023

EXPO 2023

SmarTEC, a global supplier of lithium batteries and sustainable energy solutions, is pleased to participate in the Energy Storage Expo 2023 in Guangzhou

from August 8-10 at NO.21 Booth 225. This event is a great opportunity to highlight our innovations in lithium storage batteries (lifepo4), BMS and all-in-one energy storage systems.

With over 15 years of experience, SmarTEC is a trusted name in the lithium battery industry. At the Expo, we’ll be showcasing our lifepo4 batteries, known for their quality and innovation. Our products come with end user warranties from 1 to 5 years on high quality lithium batteries, lifepo4 batteries and BMS.

We’re proud to introduce our latest stand-alone off-grid power system -all-in-one energy storage solution, featuring smart LCD, Bluetooth technology, optional DTU monitoring, and IOT remote monitoring (4G / WIFI)PV in / AC consumption / battery status, etc.). It also supports all brands of solar inverters to display the BMS information through RS485 communicating with SmarTEC-BMS. This empowers users with real-time battery insights, improving efficiency and control over energy consumption.

Since 2006, SmarTEC lithium batteries are sold to UK, GERMANY, ITALY, SPANISH, FRANCE, VIETNAM etc.

SmarTEC is waiting for you on August 8 to 10 .2023.

See you there

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