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The best solution we can provide

SmarTEC has been a professional BMS and Battery Pack making manufacture since 2007 years. Being good at producing safety and after-sale service

The Standard solution

The Intelligent solution

The Standard solution(Basic function)

Our Standard solution include over discharge, over charge, over voltage, over current, short circuit and temperature protection.Thses protection function help lithium battery stay safty and extend lifecycle.

We can adjust the current and some data based on your requirement. But if you have special requirements, please consult in advance.

Especially we have improved our own BMS(battery manage system) since 2007, and have many engineers to ensure our product quality.

The Intelligent solution(With Bluetooth function)

Based on the Standard solution, we develop Intelligent solution: you can check the battery situation on your phone by Bluetooth!

On your phone, you can read Battery pack voltage、Single cell voltage、Current、State of charge、Charge or dischage State、Cycles、Temperature、Remaining capacity、Design capacity、Full charge capacity、AverageTimeToEmpty and so on.

If you need download our blutooth APP, please contact us!

More optional function what you can get

Computer display: read battery situation on computer, suitable for engineers

Mobile phone App display:read battery situation on mobile phone, suitable for commercial and home use

LCD display: read a little battery situation on LCD screen.

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